About Drupal CMS

So, you heard the term Drupal being thrown about during web project discussions, and after you've sussed out the preferred pronunciation (droo-puhl) you wanted to know what the big fuss was all about?

Web CMSs (content management systems)

We specialise in Drupal consulting and development, but take a pragmatic, business-focussed approach to all our web projects - we know when it's best suited for a project and happily recommend alternatives when appropriate. Drupal is our primary web platform, however we have worked with a range of comparable CMSs:

Drupal open source content management
Sitecore .Net CMS
Microsoft Sharepoint logo
Core Media
Core Media WCMS
Umbraco .Net open source CMS

With our deep industry experience we know how the leading systems and frameworks offerings stack up against each other; before a making a recommendation specific to your project's priorities, we analyse each platform's strengths, weaknesses, licensing fees, ease of customisation, product roadmap, successful case studies.

What is Drupal

gartner-magic-quadrant-social-software-wIts flexibility makes it challenging to pin Drupal down; depending on how it's deployed, despite how these labels varies, each is accurate:

  • WCMS (web content management system)
  • web framework (the invisible engine powering an iPhone/Android mobile application, Flash website or integrating third-party software systems)
  • social business software (plotted as a leader in Gartner's magic quadrant shown on the right)

What can you use Drupal for

We aren't going to try and put our arms around the entire spectrum of scenarios where Drupal has been successfully applied; instead, let's look at a few high profile examples:

Enterprise: McDonalds.com.au

Publishing: NewMatilda.com.au

Government: PM.gov.au

E-Commerce: DealMe!

Groups: CultureMap.org.au

Member contributions: Pool.org.au

Drupal's strengths and weaknesses & Should you be using Drupal for your web projects?

Looking for advice whether Drupal is suited to your organisation and its projects? Why not ask us about it?