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Sydney Drupal August meetup

I plan on attending this month's meetup on Thursday 21st August, at the ABC Centre, 700 Harris Street, Ultimo.

Stay posted for updates etc at http://groups.drupal.org/node/13300.

And on a humorous note, from May 2008's CeBIT Australia (I don't know how I missed this, I was deeply involved in the event's organisation):

How businesses use Web 2.0

The "Web 2.0" meme has adapted, understanding is widespread, and adoption continues to grow, all indicators that using Web 2.0 provides businesses with real benefits.

Drupal for Library 2.0

15 January 2009 Update: Neem Tree's Library 2.0 demonstration has been retired, downloads are no longer available.

Updating our contributed themes for Drupal 6

We have contributed a number of Drupal themes to the community, and have head a number of requests to update these for Drupal 6.