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A designer's take on theming in Drupal

Go Mediazine, a popular webzine about art and design has a detailed six-part writeup about creating a band-oriented Drupal theme.

Drupal's tipping point

While we're strong advocates of using 'best fit' solutions for the given requirements, we are also highly likely to recommend Drupal for common website requirements. Being big Drupal (the free, and open source, web construction kit solution) fans, its especially exciting to witness it's Tipping Point: "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable"*

Content, Functionality, and/or Presentation

Typically, a content management system allows you to do a lot more than manage content.

Case Study of a Drupal project: Camp Photoshop

When Roger Ridpath, 'Camp Counselor' at Camp Photoshop, first approached me about his site, it was sti