Case Study of a Drupal project: Camp Photoshop

When Roger Ridpath, 'Camp Counselor' at Camp Photoshop, first approached me about his site, it was still called Photoshop Foundry. Thanks to his detailed requirements specifications, and even more detailed feedback during the testing, rolling this site out has been one of my favourite projects. Here's wishing him all the best in building a community over at Camp Photoshop.

I've discussed why a methodology is necessary to prevent projects from 'going wrong'. Let's use Camp Photoshop as a case study of a project done right.

Note, this case study is for a remotely executed project! The client is based in Montana, USA and I was working from Sydney, Australia.

The client: Roger's technical expertise is focused on the graphics/visual end of the spectrum (as his Camp Photoshop project implies). He is also a successful technical service provider as the founder of Ridpath Creative. From a technical perspective, he knew his site needed to be cross browser compatible, and easily extensible for future features; however, he wasn't familar with Drupal or CSS.

The brief: Both custom configurations as well as a custom Drupal theme were required. Requirements were provided in the form of:

  • An annotated mind map:
  • And annotated mockups:

With these clearly articulated site details, it didn't take long to deliver the initial deliverable for testing.

The testing: The site was developed locally, and then migrated to a publicly accessible Neem Tree test server. I talked Roger through the initial evaluation (via Skype), he then spent some time thoroughly testing the site to ensure all of his requirements and expectations were met. Issues were listed and numbered so that corrections could be mapped back to the initial issue report. Few clients would have the resources to develop a screencast, but Roger recorded one to verbally and visually explain what some of the sticking points were. This was a huge help!

The launch: Camp Photoshop's earlier incarnation was Photoshop Foundry, and I assisted with the initial installs. Roger has since successfully migrated to Camp Photoshop, and has a growing readership there!