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We are passionate advocates of pivoting your marketing thinking around customers. And while we've been busy drafting up a post expanding on this position, ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association) have just published this great piece in the run up to their ADMA Forum.

From ADMA CEO's Jodie Sangster's blog post The issues keeping marketers awake at night, themes that have been consistently raised in recent months:

1. It’s all about the customer

The emerging role of the consumer has caused a shift in the relationship between the customer and the brand; conventional marketing has been turned on its head and brands now find themselves in an increasingly reactive role.  This not only changes how marketers need to interact with customers  – but more dramatically alters the skill set required to be an effective marketer. Ultimately it may result in an organizational restructure to adjust from a product-focused approach to the customer-focused future.

We can not emphasise enough: keep your customers front of mind. Knowing and understanding your target audiences is crucial to successfully marketing (and therefore selling) to them!

2. Its no longer about the channels

The days of developing a marketing campaign and choosing a channel to broadcast that message are clearly over. Although there is much discussion about the ‘effectiveness’ of individual channels, it is clear that the choice of channel is secondary to bigger strategic objectives...

The moral of the story: you don’t have to jump on the channel bandwagon. The channels you choose should suit your customer and objective. Although, I believe the exception to the rule will increasingly become mobile.

This is a flow on from "It's all about your customers." Engage with them in the channels they prefer, which implies you know what those are (nice discussion forum or Facebook ad?) and what conversational conventions are appropriate to that medium.

How effective is your digital marketing?

Have a hard look at how effective your recent marketing campaigns have been, can their performance be traced back to overarching decisions in your marketing strategy. And then let's have a chat to see how we can align your digital marketing to truly engage with your customers.


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