A designer's take on theming in Drupal

Go Mediazine, a popular webzine about art and design has a detailed six-part writeup about creating a band-oriented Drupal theme.

The workflow they follow is:

1. Creating the mockup

2 & 3. Slicing and re-assembling the slices with XHTML + CSS

4. Converting the XHTML + CSS into a Drupal theme

5 & 6. Theming for the Admin sections, adding content, and wrapping up

Drupal has suffered from a lack of designer love for a while; but its nothing a bit of educating and information can't correct. Which is why more posts like these are great for both designers, and Drupal:

Read the introduction - What’s Drupal and why?
Read Part 1 - Design it Illustrator
Read Part 2 - Slicing it Illustrator
Read Part 3 - XHTML
Read Part 4 - Theming Drupal
Read Part 5 -Drupal Admin
Read Part 6 -Wrap Up and Additional Resources

The only clause I would like to add to this fantastic writeup is that I recommend theming as the last stage of a Drupal project. Configuration and content should precede theming, so that the themer can allow for site-specific details.


That is a very nice looking theme. Has a wordpress feel on it.


Guest | Fri, 07/11/2008 - 17:40 |

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