Digital definition: "SEO"

SEO, or search engine optimisation, are the multiple factors that contribute to your website's findability and indexing by search engines.

Your target audience group relies on search engines (Google and MS Bing are the current leaders) to help them find almost everything on the web; often the search start page (e.g. is set as their homepages ensuring they always* begin their web journey from there. If the search engine doesn't know about your site, it can't direct users towards it. Which is where SEO comes in, by applying a variety of factors and best practices you can control how your website ranks in the search engines' results for selected keyword searches.

*We're currently in the midst of a transition where users web-world-view is no longer so strongly influenced by search engines. Facebook has become so dominant, often users begin their web journeys there and hardly ever leave the Facebook ecosystem during a given web browsing session.

Want to know more about how we approach SEO for businesses? Have a read, or give us a call.

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