Drupal applied to Library 2.0

http://alibrary.neemtree.com.au demonstrates how Drupal may be applied for creating a Library 2.0 website. In this implementation you will find many Web 2.0 features, such as:

  • RSS Publishing Website updates are published via an RSS feed. Anyone subscribing to the feed will be automatically aware of the updates.
  • RSS Subscribing RSS feeds on topics of interest are aggregated and published so that visitors to this library are notified with updates in related areas of interest.
  • Interaction Comments and forums enable library guests and patrons to interact amongst themselves as well as with staff and service providers.
  • Blogs Staff blogs inform the community with personalized library news.
  • Events Calendar An online events calendar, with individual events category-tagged enabling easy searching.
  • Tagging Descriptive tagging makes for easy content management and access/searching.

Other 'Easy Publish' functionality provided by the Drupal free and open source content management solution:

  • Catalog and Research Databases A web interface for adding record holdings and research database links enables customized searches on these items.
  • User Roles Assigning permissions to user roles allows for graded user access to content. e.g. Patrons may add comments and forum topics, but only Contributors and Editors may add pages, record holdings, and research database links
  • Expect to soon see: Advanced catalog searching, Ask a librarian messaging, Website content publishing workflow (Editor approval required for Contributor submitted content)


UPDATE: You may now download a library-specific Drupal 5.x distribution


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