Drupal in the enterprise

Larger enterprises are finally recognising the benefits of Open Source Software.

As you may know, we're not fans of overpriced proprietary software. Smaller businesses, academic organisations, non-profits, and governmental organisations are all transitioning from experimenting with Open Source Software to mainstreaming it for their online activities. As per the Information Week article it seems Drupal and other open source solutions are gaining market share in the enterprise content management platform space.

Microsoft SharePoint has blitzkrieged the ECM market thanks to the same powerful weapon Drupal is using: collaboration.

In content management for the Web, Drupal is conquering new territory as companies look to build Web sites designed from the ground up to support social interaction. On the enterprise content management front, Alfresco has made collaboration and interoperability the keystones of its platform.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that collaboration is in the DNA of these software packages. After all, the open source model only works if communities of users and developers can work together to create and maintain products. Without that, they don't stand a chance against the deep pockets of commercial software companies.

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