Drupal theme: Cutline

This Drupal port of the popular Cutline Wordpress theme by Chris Pearson is released under the Creative Commons License, as per Chris' request. Since non-GPL projects can not be hosted at http://drupal.org, the theme will be available from here (http://neemtree.com.au/blog/em):

Drupal theme download download cutline.zip for Drupal 5.x

This theme uses a central column, enables both sidebars, and allows for horizontal block-stacking in the footer region. It does not display either a logo, or the breadcrumbs. Images placed in /cutline/images/rotate are displayed on a rotating-with-page-change basis, to use your own images ensure that they are 770px x 140px.

Cutline theme for Drupal


Note to self, initial announcement found here: http://drupal.org/node/175258

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