Drupal's many uses, with Australian examples

If you're in the market for a new website or mobile platform, whether CMS-specific or not, you're probably considering Drupal. While you're trying to evaluate whether it suits your project's purpose, you're probably trying to wrap your mind around what is is, often a reflection of what it does. And early on, you've come across one of Drupal's challenges: desribing itself in a nutshell.

The reason introductions and descriptions of Drupal meander is because it does just *so* much! And here are some Aussie instances to explain what we mean:

We've decided to showcase Aussie Drupal sites that stand out in our minds, in terms of innovative functionality, or sophisticated design/theming, or adoption by seemingly open-source-averse corporates. We'll be adding to this list over time, over on our Drupal Pinterest board.

Community sites, where site members contribute content (e.g. videos)

Live Local is not just a neat community-minded project, we love how it's using Drupal. It has taken one of Drupal's core strengths, member accounts and roles, enhanced the functionality with a few popular modules (custom content types/CCK and listing in categories/Views) and made the visual/Theme layer work really hard.

What we like about ABC Pool includes they're clever use of the member groups/Organic Groups module and the fiendishly clever customisations to produce highly usable landing pages and multi-step member signup.


New Matilda is a heavily customised Drupal implementation, making both the functional/Module and visual/Theme layers do a lot. It launched just before, or in parallel to the outstanding News solution Drupal distribution.

A news media startup, Business Spectator, was probably initially impressed with Drupal's license-free cost effectiveness. And then they discovered it's multisite capabilities, which they leveraged for their ASX, Leadership and Resources subsites.

Food and beverage brands

McDonalds marketers must feel very empowered, crafting the messaging and calls to action on the homepage carousels. Clever Drupal customisations continue throughout the site.

Schweppes' homepage also does a great job of using spotlights to surface content from deeper within the site.

Travel agency booking engines

Peregrine Adventures Theme layer is lovely, from the drop-down mega-menu to the SEO-friendly fat-footer.

Media broadcasters

ABC Radio Australia has wrestled Drupal's language functionality into control, with not just Latin alphabet languages such as Bahasa but also Asian scripts such as Burmese.

Online calculators and multi-form wizards

Both the Suncorp< and NRMA sites have very clever functionality, including integration with their quote/calculator engines.
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Australian Government

There's an ever-growing, crowd-sourced list of Federal, State and Local Government agencies and organisations using Drupal in Australia; of which the Something in Common site really caught our attention:

We'll add to this set over time, over on Pinterest:
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Stay tuned for our upcoming Drupal for businesses whitepaper, with a focus on how it impacts Australian companies and e-commerce retailers. Want a sneak preview ;) you can always get in touch.