Drupal's tipping point

While we're strong advocates of using 'best fit' solutions for the given requirements, we are also highly likely to recommend Drupal for common website requirements. Being big Drupal (the free, and open source, web construction kit solution) fans, its especially exciting to witness it's Tipping Point: "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable"*

Blogosphere mentions of Drupal have been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2008. Drupal's founder's new commercial venture has raised interest and its profile considerably.

While this indicated that Drupal had gained some long awaited traction, for non-technical web publishers, it was still playing third string to Wordpress and Joomla:

The combination of blogger interest, books published, web host support (Dreamhost, the host for over 500,000 websites announced 'one click Drupal installs'), and industry awareness has coincided to create Drupal's tipping point, which should cause a dramatic change to the statistics shown above:

Neem Tree is excited to be contributing to and riding the unstoppable Drupal wave!


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