Pick a site, any site (Drupal in action)

Drupal is estimated to be in use on over 200,000 live sites, and I'll attempt to showcase how versatile it is in this post.

live website examples of drupal in action

A company looking to implement a product blog recently contacted us regarding using Drupal for this purpose. My pitch obviously fell short as they decided to opt for Wordpress, which is what prompted me to put this collection of Drupal examples together.

The following examples demonstrate the visual and functional versatility of Drupal. Drupal's functionality is extended using plugins, and Drupal can be 'skinned' to accept any visual design. These sites have been selected to demonstrate Drupal's appropriateness across a spectrum of site purposes and site audiences:

  • News sites using Drupal
  • Campaigning, fundraising sites using Drupal
  • Media sites using Drupal
  • Product brochureware using Drupal
  • Company brochureware using Drupal
  • Educational sites using Drupal

News sites using Drupal

New York Observer, a news website using Drupal

The New York Observer, The Onion, and Die Welt are some instances of news sites using Drupal.

Campaigning, fundraising sites using Drupal

Vote Hillary, a fundraising website using Drupal

Vote Hillary, a campaign building and fundraising site, uses Drupal.

Media sites using Drupal

Sony Musicbox, a media website using Drupal

Sony BMG Musicbox, Warner Bros. Records, and Phil Wickam are some instances of media sites using Drupal.

Product brochureware sites using Drupal

Sony Playstation, a product brochureware site using Drupal

Sony Playstation, Bioflame, and Hotel Jaca are some instances of product and service brochureware sites using Drupal.

Company brochureware sites using Drupal

Ubuntu, a corporate brochureware site using Drupal

Ubuntu and Backcountry Snowcats are some instances of media sites using Drupal.

Educational sites using Drupal

Yale, a university site using Drupal

Yale School of Architecture and MIT's Decentralized Information Group are some instances of educational sites using Drupal.