Recap of 2008 and forecast for 2009

Its been a hectic and rewarding 2008, and the holidays allowed us to step back, re-assess, and strategise for 2009. First, let's tally up 2008's hits and misses:

Now, moving on to 2009:

  • SMEs who have not ventured online yet, or have only made tentative efforts, will realise the real business benefits of leveraging these communitation, marketing, and/or sales channel. To that end, we are concentrating on helping SME retailers with this.

  • The economy will result in the Australian marketplace turning to cost effective (and arguably better quality) open source software solutions.
  • The economy will also influence the Australian marketplace to increase their uptake of Web 2.0 marketing.

    Tourism Queensland has kicked this off with their widely covered The Best Job In the World campaign:

    Tourism Queensland is looking for a caretaker to live on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef, with a job description that includes blogging and vlogging, and has invited hopefuls to submit their applications to in the form of an online video application. The campaign will continue with user participation by enabling the shortlist to be determined by online votes.

And finally, 2009 will become the new decider of which organisations are to conquer and continue. We're going to be pragmatic about what the year promises, are prepared for both the challenges and the opportunities, and are looking forward to seeing you on the other side!


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