Selecting a CMS solution

Congratulations, you've already made the smart move to rule out static and build-from-scratch options for your site. Now you're doing the due diligence* to select the best-fit CMS.

Here's the excellent presentation, created and used by Seth Gottlieb during his 4 hour workshop at the Gilbane 2008 conference.

This presentation re-enforces some of my beliefs:

  • The vendor/technology should be the final consideration when selecting a solution.
  • Because a solution is comprised of much more than just the software, it includes customisation, extensibility, and the other considerations illustrated on slide 7.
  • The client evaluation team should include participants from contributors, site owners, developers, and users; but be small enough for cohesive decision making.
  • The client leads requirements analysis. I have emphasised the need for detailed requirements in an earlier post. I like Seth suggestion for expanding strong client participation of requirements analysis, to client leading requirements analysis. I now realise that has been one of the contributing factors to a successful soon-to-be-launched project.
  • I love that Drupal is included in the pool of options on slide 52. (Don't see Joomla or Wordpress, do you ;) )
  • I also really like the idea of demonstration prepping on slide 72.

Are you considering CMS solutions, how thorough is your due diligence, and what do you think of Seth's advice for you:

*This obviously applies to larger website implementations which include the cost of CMS research in their budgets. For our SME clients with standard requirements, we believe Drupal's track record speaks for itself.