Sydney Wildflower Nursery digital marketing example

During my daily news reading, I came across a Business Review Weekly article exhorting Aussie businesses to make the most of online opportunities, to "integrate the web  into business practices". Nothing like a good narrative to support the case. Here's their great story about Sydney Wildflower Nursery. Dave Rose, owner of Sydney Wildflower Nursery, has staved off competition from titan Bunnings by emphasising his boutique, rare native plant speciality, online:

Personally our sales have grown, even with the market in  decline. [Our web presence] has helped us maintain sales. It hasn’t catapulted us but I think a growing percentage of people will find us online.

You can’t use social media to push in sales, it’s more  about letting people know what’s is happening in the business. We’re halfway up an exponential learning curve in terms of companies having a social media presence.

So, let's take a look at what SWN are doing:

  • Website, with information about their products and service capabilities
  • Their entire catalogue is online
  • No e-commerce or social media (yet)
  • But a well considered, thoughtfully constructed web experience with
    1. Newsletter, send your customers regular, relevant content, and they'll think of you when they're looking to buy X
    2. You don't have to sell online, and you don't have to list you're entire stock; but the deeper your content the better your SEO (search engine optimisation)
    3. You sell lot's of X . But if you don't help your website visitors make quick decisions and embark on their exploration/journey of your site, chances are they'll click away before they click onward
    4. Easy to do, seemingly easier to forget. Make getting in touch with you a glance away; keep your contact information always displayed in the footer

SWN have gone online, kept their approach simple, but it's also a considered, thoughful approach, and unsurprisingly it's working for them!