Drupal theming for designers

Intended Audience

This article has web designers, developers, and anyone who has http://www.cssze

Sydney Drupal user group meeting

Thanks to Dennis, on Wednesday Sydney Drupal users got together to discuss their Drupal experiences. It was fairly free flowing, with some good ideas for presentation topics for upcoming meetings (next meeting expected in January 2008).

This is a good forum for those interested in learning more about Drupal, and are evaluating it for their organisations. We should be able to allocate time for answering how-to questions.

Information Architecture review of the upcoming Drupal v6 release

Based on today's interested readings of Chris Messina's review of Drupal 6, and blogger followups to it, I added a short piece on Open Source Community (trackback: http://opensourcecommunity.org/trackback/1567).

Take Drupal for a test drive

15 January 2009 Update: Neem Tree's Drupal demo has been retired for now.