Case Study of a Drupal project: Camp Photoshop

When Roger Ridpath, 'Camp Counselor' at Camp Photoshop, first approached me about his site, it was sti

Demonstration: Creating a simple community site

Goal Create a community website so that members may indicate their availability for group events as well as be notified about upcoming events: http://chingrimaachh.com.au/blogs/neemie/2007-may-03-drupal-demo-creatin...

Demonstration: Creating brochureware

Goal: Create a company brochure/informational site using Drupal 5.x. For this example, we will use 'Aussie Helpers', a company that provides relocation/settling assistance for expatriates: http://chingrimaachh.com.au/blogs/neemie/2007-apr-30-drupal-demo-creatin...