web 2.0

How businesses use Web 2.0

The "Web 2.0" meme has adapted, understanding is widespread, and adoption continues to grow, all indicators that using Web 2.0 provides businesses with real benefits.

Drupal: a blog? CMS? in need of a 'slogan'?

The use of technology is pervasive. However, there is often a vocabulary discrepancy between users and creators. Clients are looking for web designers, developers, blogs, web pages, and/or web sites.

Why Free and Open Source Software is good for your organisation

Neem Tree reduces client costs by using free software tools, Neem Tree's deep knowledge and expertise in these applications ensure uniquely branded, custom web solutions.

Drupal demo: Social network with blogs, buddylists, geocoding

Goal: Create a Web 2.0 social network with multi-user blogs, buddylists and bookmarks for each member, geocoding the locations of users, and a members' discussion forum.