What is digital strategy?

Understanding your organisation, its goals and its key audiences underlies all our work. We work collaboratively with our clients, creating the right mix of digital initiatives, tools and channels to harness. It's important to ensure your strategy always aligns with organisational objectives, and no matter the size of your project, that your digital spend is effective.

Best digital solutions for your business, your requirements

'Best fit' is our key phrase in our lexicon. Taking the most appropriate route for you and your requirements also applies to how we undertake planning and strategy activities.

We draw on our toolkit of scoping, ideation and planning instruments to explore the intricacies and desired user experiences. Depending on your organisation's objectives and positioning we may:

  • investigate campaigns that draw on social networking platforms and electronic direct mail;
  • map on how these can coherently and complementarily work together with your website;
  • identify considerations for fostering online community or mobile applications or
  • optimise your e-commerce store's conversion rate.

Customer/user experience (UX)

The success of your digital project is contingent on optimising the UX for conversions, regardless of whether those conversions are about:

  • awareness and reach (SEO, eDM/electronic direct mail, paid ads);
  • interest (click throughs, social shares, landing pages) or
  • action (shopping cart checkouts, e-newsletter subscription, online enquiry form).

We provide expertise in all aspects of UX:

  • researching and understanding your customers (personnas, interviews, observational analysis);
  • planning and design (information architecture, wireframes, prototypes) and
  • defining your site's requirements.

Digital marketing strategy

Image credits: (1)Process by opensourceway (2) UX iceberg by JISC Involve (3) Digital marketing funnel by Smart Insights