Which Drupal module to use out of the 3,800 contributed ones

Drupal's underlying architecture makes it endlessly extensible. Combined with a vibrant community, including module contributors, there are over 3,800 modules (for Drupal 6.x alone http://bit.ly/dru-6-modules). Which helps me to stay true to my 'reuse' principles and is a timesaver for subsequent projects, but definitely needs some initial comparative research legwork.

To stay up to speed with all things Drupal, I need to routinely check what these prolific contributors have cooked up; and yet I somehow managed to miss fantastic Similar Module Review Drupal group.

Even a bare bones review, usually just listing the similar modules without detailing where they differ/overlap is pretty handy! From now on in, the Similar Module Review group is definitely going to be a pit stop when ramping up on a new project.