Why Free and Open Source Software is good for your organisation

Neem Tree reduces client costs by using free software tools, Neem Tree's deep knowledge and expertise in these applications ensure uniquely branded, custom web solutions. In the web development space, Neem Tree are strong proponents of the following:

Drupal content management system

Drupal is a free and open source content management engine providing the advantages and benefits discussed below, as well as being fully customisable. It allows for the selection of only the needed functionality (preventing bloat) and custom theming for specific branding preferences. Empower your marketing team to manage your online brand, instead of misallocating your IT resources.

FOSS-y applications

Use software that is freely available, publicly contributed to, and widely used/tested. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) offer advantages such as:

  • Licensing fee savings.
  • The ability to edit the software for add-on extensions, customizations, error corrections, and ensuring good software engineering.
  • Unrestricted pool of contributors, unmatched by any commercial business' workforce.

Eco-friendly software

Re-cycle and re-use of existing software applications provides many benefits:

  • Upfront resource savings, that would have gone towards 'rebuilding the wheel'.
  • Long term resource savings, upgrade to newer releases instead of hiring a developer to maintain and update the custom code.

Content management

Applications that provide dashboard management of your web assets (content) liberate you to focus on the content, instead of the implementation details:

  • Manage who accesses the content, who contributes it, and who approves it.
  • Manage the visual placement and navigational linking of your content.
  • CMSs are powerful tools which offer a variety of management functionalities.


Lower development costs of open source software:

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