The year in Australian Drupaling - meetups, DrupalCamps and DrupalCons - oh my!

Here's wishing everyone an exciting, productive and peaceful 2013! We were just about able to snatch a breather before the new year was on us, after a hectic (#inagoodway) 2012 :) And we eagerly watched developments in the local Australian Drupal community.

DrupalCon Sydney, February 6 - 9 2013

Let's get the major announcement out of the way: an official (i.e. Drupal Association approved and funded) DrupalCon (Drupal Conference) was announced for Sydney in 2013. Having helped organise what was hoped-to-be the first Australian DrupalCon in 2008, we know first-hand what it takes to rally a dispersed and diverse community of open source enthusiasts. But with Drupal's uptake by major Australian businesses and organisations, this open-source-CMS-that-can's popularity has soared in Australia: with tickets for Feb's Sydney DrupalCon selling out in 60 days.

Great speaker lineup, sold out tickets and a 'Growing Drupal Downunder' theme we can all get behind. Go team Drupal!

DrupalCamp Melbourne, January 2012

Organised by a subcomittee of Linux Australia, this DrupalCamp kicked 2012 of with a great round of Drupal presentations, in three tracks: (1) theming (2) modules and (3) business.

Drupal Australian group

The Australian group has been around since 2006 on That's the best place to head if you're interested in what's going on your local area (all states, major metros, and even Coff's Harbour and Gold Coast represen'). There you can find out about local meetups, or get the ball rolling and organise one :)
The other popular online space for Australian Drupal groups in e.g.

Monthly Drupal meetups

Sydney and Melbourne have regular Drupal meetups, and Melbourne has upped the ante with occasional mentoring sessions too. The Sydney Drupal group usually meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the ABC building in Ultimo. For a sense of what the talks are like, take a look at past meetups:

Drupal Association at-large Directors

The Drupal Association's remit is to help Drupal flourish. They put in some seriously hard yards by supporting the community with promotion, education, funding and all sorts of awesomeness. It was great to see Aussie's putting their hands up for the annual Directors at-large positions:

  • with Donna Benjamin winning the elections in February 2012 and
  • a number of Australian's in the running in the October 2012 elections.

Drupal in Australia in 2013

Whew! Aussies really stepped up to the Drupal plate in 2012. Which brings us back to the Sydney DrupalCon, which will kick 2013 off with just the right note! :)

Want to catch up with us at the Sydney monthly meetup. Or just shoot the breeze on anything Drupal-related? Say hello :)